EAT and GIVE is a new online takeaway food ordering platform based in Edinburgh!

We aim to benefit restaurants by creating a new way of promoting their menus and services.

We want to deliver a service that is cost effective, ethical and convenient. 

Some of the larger, nationwide takeaway food selling platforms are dominating the market and making restaurant owners pay mammoth fees to have their menus featured on their websites.

We want to move away from this and begin to offer services that are affordable, flexible, efficient, and ethical. 

But how do we aim to be ethical in our approach to business?  What are our goals?

Our vision is to give a percentage of our profits to local food banks and charities with initiatives, to work against homelessness, its prevention and social deprivation.  We know that businesses like yours love to know that they are giving something back to their community. At a time where food poverty and deprivation is on the rise, we aim to use some of our profits to help tackle this problem.