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What is the Taster selling option?

The Taster menu is an option to signup and test the service we provide without first making any payments. It is not intended to provide selling functionality but only an introduction for our partners to try out our selling Platform. 

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What is referred to as "items" in the Taster selling option?


If you choose to try out our service by signing up to the Taster option you will be limited to the number of food items you can add. An Item is a food menu list item example 10" Pizza or Large Vegetable Curry. The example below would be four items in a menu.

  • 8" Cheese & Tomato  Pizza             £5.99
  • 16" Cheese & Tomato  Pizza           £7.99
  • Vegetable Curry                               £4.99
  • Portion of Rice                                 £1.99

The Taster menu is not intended to provide selling functionality but only as an introduction for our partners to try out our selling Platform. 

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Can I change my username?


No. Your username is unchangeable.

I forgot my password what next?


To change your password for access to the Partner help and support portal follow this link and click the Login button and then click the Forgot Password link and enter the email address you used to open the account. We will send you a verification code to reset your password. If you forgot your or lost your password for the Partner Selling Platform (PSP). Create a support ticket and we will send you a new password.


Can we edit our menu and prices once its on the website?


Yes. Once your menu is uploaded you will have access to edit the prices and content through the Partner Selling Platform (PSP).

How long will it take for our menu to show on the website?


Once payment has been confirmed and your menu has all the required information necessary. It can be added to our selling Platform within 48 hours.


How am I notified to accept or decline an order?


At present you can receive notification for orders using the Merchant order taking app, and through text and email messaging on your mobile or internet enabled device. 

How do you take payments for orders?


We allow cash payments on delivery and take payments online from our customers using credit or debit card. We also allow payments through PayPal a secure and popular payment gateway. 


How will I be payed for the orders made through the website?


Payments for orders through the EAT and GIVE Platform will be payed to you by bank transfer or cheque, which ever is more convenient for you. Payments can also be made through PayPal but will incur additional charges based on PayPal fees and terms of conditions.

How long must I wait to receive payment for orders made through the website?


You can withdraw payments for orders made through the Platform after seven working days from the day of the order fulfillment. Requests to withdraw funds is done through the EAT and GIVE Partner Selling Platform (PSP).


Can I delete a review made about my restaurant?


We do not allow restaurants to delete or approve the reviews left by our customers as reviews are a good way for customer to write about their experience and highlight the great food and service you provide. If you do not agree with a review left by a customer please contact us through the Partner help and support portal and we will review the comments left by the customer. If the comments are found to contain swearing or derogatory language, or in breach of our customer review guidelines. We will remove or edit the content as we see fit. It is totally to our discretion as to whether to just edit, or totally remove the comment.